The Team

Our Whale 3D team..

Jim Sargent 07801011729

Job Title: Technical Services Engineer

Experience in Whale: Jim has been with Whale for 5 years with extensive experience in the latest advanced 3D printing technology, He has more than a decade of experience in the manufacturing of highly technical products adopting lean manufacturing principles. Jim is the technical lead for 3D printing within Whale, and has vast experience in the latest advanced 3D printing techniques working in collaborative partnership with world leading 3D printing experts – Stratasys.

Area of expertise: Advanced 3D printing – with specialist expertise in 3d printing software, machinery, techniques, materials he ensures that customers receive the best possible prototypes available, notably designing leading edge 3D printed mould tools for use in test production runs, and innovative product design.

Barry Ward

Job Title: Engineering Administrator

Experience in Whale: Barry has been part of the Whale team for 3 and a half years, with the first 2 years spent building up his expertise in highly technical product manufacture including expertise in electronics and gas systems, he is now focussed on advanced 3D printing. Barry is highly skilled in 3D printing techniques, including handling 3D print software and materials, managing and maintaining the 3D printing machine suite to ensure that we deliver the finest models on time every time. His attention for detail is evident in the excellent standard of finishing and painting techniques he applies to 3D models produced for Whale and our 3D print customers.

Area of expertise: Advanced 3D printing – with specialist expertise in 3d printing software, machinery, techniques, materials, finishing, spray painting and detailing.

Richard Bovill 07971114918

Job Title: Engineering Director

Experience in Whale: from graduate engineering role, to junior then senior design engineering roles then to manager and 2 years in director role. Overall 12 years of experience in product development, innovation – 17 world wide patents in last 6 years , more than 70% of the Whale product range is new or significantly reengineered in the last 5 years – and Richard has been the leader of that NPD success.

Area of expertise: Innovative product design, delivering projects on time within tight timescales, liaising with customers to agree product specifications, verification product testing, managing demanding scheduling and design timescales, project management, design for polymer injection moulding and assembled manufacture, latest 3D printing techniques.

Claire McCrea 07976904295

Job Title: Marketing Manager

Experience in Whale: Over the last 13 years, Claire has gained extensive experience in all areas of marketing and communications particularly in visual communications and brand development to manage the Whale brand across the various international markets Whale. The Whale marketing team have won 6 Chartered Institute of Marketing Awards since 2011.

Area of expertise: Product launches, strategic brand development, communications , brand identity, product packaging, promotional literature, public relations , advertising concepts.

Michael Crosbie 07710815277

Job Title: Technical Moulding Manager

Experience in Whale: Michael has been with Whale for 14 years with extensive experience in advanced polymer moulding, tooling design, modification and maintenance, as well as polymer moulding machine management. Michael has a high level of practical experience of injection moulding having collaborated with leading machine manufacturers Sandretto and Demag, as well as a variety of tool makers for many years. Moulding expertise is a core competency at whale where we mould in more than 20 materials, with various colour and material add-ins as well as handling mor than 50 tool changed per week on a 24/5 moulding operation.

Area of expertise: Polymer injection moulding, material and machinery expertise, product and tool design for injection moulding, injection moujlding from 3D printed mould tools.

Andrew Peoples

Job Title: Product Development Engineer

Experience in Whale: Andrew started his career in Whale 3 years ago on his vocational year during his Design Engineering Degree in which he received a first class honours which reflected the excellent design work he completed during his placement at Whale. Since then Andrew has successfully designed and launched several new products delivering these on time and leading to sales in excess of budget.

Area of expertise: Andrew’s key strengths are in Graphic Design, 3D modelling CAD work, 3D printing as well as qualification and experience in latest Abobe Creative Suite packages, offering a perfect combination of design flair and practical product development for manufacture.

Mark Lowry 07779781188

Job Title: Moulding Manager

Experience in Whale: Mark started work with Whale 15 years ago with experience in procurement and scheduling providing the perfect foundation for managing Whale’ Polymer Injection Moulding operation. The suite of 13 machines ranges from 20 to 200 tonne capacity, and with more than 1600 components being moulded to be supplied to Whale’ production, and more than 50 tools changes per week, managing a team of 25 on a 24 hr / 5 day working pattern, Marks analytical strength ensures that all runs efficiently and smoothly.

Area of expertise: Polymer injection moulding, supplier negotiations, sceheduling and management.