Polymer Injection Moulding

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Our experienced design team offer consultancy on design for manufacture, tool design and mould flow analysis. Our in-house tool design and product design team offer a design, and moulding consultancy tailored specifically to your needs.

Integrity of components is ensured by our team of expert moulding and setting specialists who run 12 advanced injection moulding machines including Demag and Sandretto models ranging from 30 to 200 tonne capacity. Components are produced at the tightest tolerances and accuaracy levels using 100% virgin materials. Our moulidng facility runs a 24 hours run capacity.

Whale 3D takes a special interest in how to reduce the upfront costs associated with tooling and make the process more economically vialbe for lower quantities. We also appreciate that there are many reasons to source an injection moulded part rather than a production part.

Whale 3D's fully equipped tool room ensures that tools are housed in a controlled environment with a strict maintenance and cleaning schedule to ensure high quality parts over time. A new gantry crane system ensures safe and efficient tool transfer with average tool change time now 30 minutes.

Whale 3D use the MES quality control database for storage and display of component inspection results and Visual Factory touch screen technology for viewing work instruction, quality checks, BOM, approved machine setting and production schedule all of which ensure that you, the customer, receive a high quality part on time every time.

We have no minimum order requirements and will mould quantities of just one or two offs up to thousands. We can advise on the variety of materials now available for mould tools and we continue to push the boundaries in mould tool design.