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As the rapid prototyping industry has boomed over recent years so have our expectations of what we can expect from a prototype. Where at one time prototyping was purely for visual purposes – now we expect high levels of functionality as well. The constant quest for increased functionality within rapid prototyping is constantly pushing the boundaries but this is where we excel in Whale.

Whale 3D has invested in the latest rapid prototyping technology that enables customers to move quickly and cost effectively from theorized designs to fully formed 3D prototypes. The state of the art equipment means that Whale 3D can deliver highly accurate parts in a wide variety of materials including plastic, rubber, over-moulded, ABS like, with the added ability of being able to produce both transparent and waterproof parts. The Rapid Prototyping centre helps us, and our customers, deliver products to market at speeds constantly pushing the boundaries but this is where we excel in Whale 3D.

With our knowledge of the latest materials and processes available, Whale is best placed to advise on the best options for your product. Since we invested in this technology we have already noticed that our time to market for new products has reduced by 20%