Time is of the essence...
Fused Deposition Moulding (FDM) and Polyjet are two of the most advanced additive manufacturing or 3D printing technologies available. The span the range from desktop to large format equipment producing a range of parts from precise, finely detailed models to durable production parts.

In today’s competitive market where time is of the essence why not let Whale get you to the market quicker producing first design concept to production parts in rapid time. We have a number of different machines covering the full spectrum, from concept through to production, we can produce accurate, functionally compliant and highly finished parts in a matter of hours and at a fraction of the cost.

Want to save time and money by moving quickly from theorised designs to fully formed 3D prototypes, make quick modifications to eradicate problems and optimize designs. Prove out the design early in the process with working prototypes before committing to tooling fixture and castings….

Want to reduce the risk with test ready parts without the time and cost of full tooling…..

Want to test out designs, add additional features and remove unnecessary features to end up with proven product designs that are functionally superior and longer lasting….

Whatever your need, our passion is perfection

….. find out how we do it