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Standard Plastics

Rigid and Opaque Plastics

The Object Vero family of rigid opaque materials includes Object VeroWhite Plus, Objet VeroGray, Objet VeroBlueTM andObjet VeroBlack.

Combining dimensional stability and high-detail visualization, the Objet Vero family is intended for standard plastics simulation and model creations that closely resemble the “look” of the end product.

These materials have great dimensional stability and are ideal for:

  • A wide range of fit and form testing
  • Moving parts and assembled parts
  • Exhibition and Sales & Marketing models
  • Assembly of electronic parts

Typical applications include automotive, electronics, medical and wide range of consumer goods.

Transparent Plastics

Objet Fullcure 720 is the Original multi-purpose transparent material for standard plastics simulation

Objet Veroclear is a rigid, colourless material featuring great dimensional stability for general purpose, fine detail model building and visual simulation of transparent thermoplastic such as PMMA.

Both of these materials are ideal for

  • Form and fit testing of clear and see-through parts
  • Visualisation of liquid flow
  • Medical applications
  • Exhibition/ artistic modelling

Typical applications include automotive, medical, electronics, dental and consumer goods


Objet DurusWhite is ideal for a broad range of applications that require the appearance, flexibility, strength and toughness of Polypropylene

This material is ideal for

  • Re-usable containers and packaging
  • Flexible, snap-fit applications
  • Automotive components

High Temperature Plastics

Objet High Temperature material (RGD525) has exceptional dimensional stability for thermal function testing of static 3D models.. The material has a heat deflection temperature of 63 - 67°C upon removal from the printer and this can be increased to 75-80°C after thermal post treatment in a programmable oven.

These materials are ideal for

  • Form, fit and thermal functional testing of static parts
  • High definition parts requiring pristine surface quality
  • Exhibition modelling under strong lighting conditions
  • Taps, pipes and household appliances
  • Hot air and hot water testing

Typical applications include the automotive, medical and dental, service bureaus, consumer electronics markets.