Digital Materials

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Digital Materials

Digital materials are composite materials created by simultaneously jetting two different Objet materials in specific concentrations and structures to provide unique mechanical properties whilst also providing a closer look, feel and function to the desired end product.

Simulate transparent shades and patterns….

Combining Objet FullCure720™ and Objet VeroBlack™ enables the creation of different artistic patterns whilst using Objet FullCure720™ with Objet TangoBlack™ enables the creation of various transparent shades.

Simulate rigid and opaque shades….

Combining Objet VeroWhitePlus™ and ObjetTangoBlackPlus™

To simulate Polypropylene with Improved thermal resisitance….

Combine Objet DurusWhite™ with Objet VeroWhitePlus™

To simulate 6 different shore values….

Combine Objet TangoBlackPlus™ or Objet TangoPlus™ and Objet VeroWhitePlus™ to simulate 6 levels of different shore scale A values from shore 40 to shore 95 with increasing tensile strength and tear resistence.